At The Culinary Centre Cafe we want diners to experience something special. We don’t want to just provide good food, we want diners to indulge themselves with in an array of unique, multi-culturally inspired foods made fresh daily, on site.

Great service, excellent coffee and a welcoming relaxed meeting place in a contemporary environment will be the envy of any cafe in the area. The 100 seat Cafe will be where everyone will want to meet their friends, family and business clients.

While some will choose to end a day with a long commute home in busy traffic or on public transport, we want to encourage people to end their day with a cold refreshing drink.

The atmosphere will be warm, homely and community focussed. It should be an experience not to be missed.

The Culinary Centre Cafe will offer online ordering for any of its highly regarded lunch and dinner meals ready made for pick-up at your time.

Kangaroo mince, sweet potato, broccoli PFM 12-3-16         PFM Roast chicken, mixed veg peri peri 12-3-16          Posh Pie PPT 4-3-16