Kitchen Incubation

A food business incubator or kitchen incubator is similar to many other small business incubators in its purpose to provide affordable and flexibly leased premises. Kitchen incubation provides specialised commercial kitchen facilities and technical assistance to specifically benefit food based entrepreneurs to start or develop their food manufacturing business.

Kitchen incubators support all existing and aspiring culinary entrepreneurs. These culinary entrepreneurs share similar characteristics. These can include:

  • Limited or no access to commercial kitchen facilities
  • Limited or no understanding of business operations
  • Opportunities to improve production
  • Distractions and inconvenience’s operating from home
  • Encouraged to take a family favourite recipe to production
  • Opportunity to develop a financially viable business
  • Limited access to start-up capital
  • Developing a product part time to fit in with existing employment obligations

Often confused with “shared use kitchens” which relies on a booking or pay as you go structure, we provide individually leased kitchens where tenants have access to their kitchens 24/7.